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All year long we offer three varieties of truffles.
Our truffles are hand-crafted with fresh, high quality ingredients, and no preservatives.

One variety we offer is the Indy Truffle, which is 100% organic. It is made from Indianapolis sourced 70% dark chocolate, and blended with Traders Point Creamery milk. Two Indianapolis made ingredients, hence the "Indy" name.

We created a dairy free version of the Indy Truffle, for those who wish to avoid any dairy products. It is 100% organic. We call this variety the Darkalicious Truffle. We use the same dark chocolate, only we replaced the TPC milk and butter with almond milk and palm oil.

If you are allergic to soy as well as dairy, we have a delicious alternative. We call this variety the Sweetalicious Truffle. For this creation, we use a soy free semi-sweet dark chocolate, and blend in organic coconut milk and organic coconut oil. Then, we finish each truffle in a fine organic cocoa powder.

We package each variety in either two piece or four piece boxes. Larger sizes available upon request.

Two piece box $4.50   Four piece box $8.25

We also create different, exciting flavors throughout the year. This is dependent on what is available locally at any given time. Past offerings have included such flavors such as Blackberry Jalapeno, Passion Fruit Honey, and Berry Balsamic.
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Truffles selections

Truffles selections

Truffles selections